A Letter of Gratitude

By September 24, 2014Challenge Updates, News

By Cadet Wells, Jamesiaa

I would just like to thank you. I had the chance to leave last night, but I thought about it, I said to myself, “Okay if I go home, what would change about me,” and I said, “Nothing, because it’s like there’s no control when I’m home, so basically I do what I want, when I want.” I don’t want that mindset to continue like that. I would love for my mom to be happy for me and proud to show me off to everybody she deals with. Like I said yesterday I’m not used to getting sent away from home on a good note because I’ve been getting locked up since I was 14. It’s like I do good for a minute, and then I go back into my old ways , I want that to stop also because I’m on parole until I’m 20. It’s hard but I try to manage. My brother that used to go to this program convinced me to go. But at the same time it was either here or jail. I just wanted to write you a letter of appreciation and to let you know, I’ve change my mind about leaving campus because at the end of the day, I have to make the right decision. I took the time to think about what my life would be like if I don’t graduate from this program and risk the chance of not getting my high school diploma. So, thanks for the encouragement, believing in me, and not giving up on me. Thanks so very much.